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Margaret and the Giant

August 12th and 13th at 6pm
August 14th at 2pm

Margaret and the Giant.png

Margaret and the Giant is the third musical in the Fairy House chronicles.  Featuring all the beloved characters from The Fairy House and The Fairy Tea Party (Or How Pirates Almost Spoiled the Day), Margaret and the Giant begins with Margaret getting lost in the woods on her way to visit her friends at the Fairy House.  Her friends are in the midst of quite an upheaval themselves as the elusive and annoying Shmoopoo has returned to the Lovely Woods wreaking havoc and scaring the Woodland Creatures.  Margaret’s friends the pirates are also lost (as usual) but are valiantly trying to make their way to the Fairy House to protect the fairies and woodland creatures.  Margaret stumbles upon a Giant who has a secret crush on the fairies but is very shy and has a lot to learn about trusting.  Sound like a lot going on in the Lovely Woods? Add in teasing sprites, fairies who become witches, missing acorns, Giant dancing lessons and a Summer Spectacular and you have all the ingredients for a rip roaring fun-filled Shmoopoo howling can’t believe all this is happening song and dance filled fanciful musical sure to appeal to kids of all ages!


Rated: G

Running time: 90 minutes (one intermission)

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