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October 4th and 5th at 6pm
October 6th at 2pm

The Fairies are worried. Something has upset the magical balance in the Lovely Woods. All the happy energy is gone and the Fairies are trying to set things right. But wait! There is a new gang of pirates sneaking about the Woods. Where did these new pirates come from? And why are they bent on driving the older bumbling pirates crazy? The familiar friendly Pirates are indeed bumbling about, lost as usual when they stumble upon a strange village lost in time; a village that only appears when it’s citizens want something and they seem to want someone to feed to the Dragon! The Woodland Creatures and Margaret decide they need to help the Fairies, but they, too, get lost. And the Dragon? Where is he hiding? Who will find him first? What will he do if he is found? All will be revealed when Dragon

takes the JaDuke stage! 

Written by JaDuke’s own Judith Dean Kulp, Dragon is the fourth musical in the Fairy House chronicles. Featuring many of the beloved characters from The Fairy House and The Fairy Tea Party (Or How Pirates Almost Spoiled the Day) and Margaret and the Giant, Dragon twists and turns it’s way through danger and hilarity with singing and dancing, a pirate play within a play, an unexpected wedding and, of course, a Dragon! Dust off your pirate swords and fairy wands and join us for a wonderfully fun-filled and slightly scary musical which will delight audiences of all ages!

Rated: G

Run Time: TBD

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